Start-up and scaling in China

China is, in many ways, an attractive market for international companies. However, establishing oneself in China can be a long and difficult journey. Challenges can arise at any step along the way. In addition to our ten year-experience of business development in China, close communication with relevant Chinese authorities and support from leading investors and enterprises, we offer you the following:


Registration and communication with Chinese authorities

We communicate, without any other intermediaries, on your behalf with the relevant local authorities. Within a week you can have registration, accounting, visa, address registration, and a business account all set up at a very generous price.

Office Space

Office space

We offer six months of free office space in Hangzhou or Qingdao, fully furnished and equipped with everything you may need, in order for you to take direct part in your company’s growth and make crucial early decisions on site.


Needless to say, questions will arise along the way. That’s why we offer the free support of an English-speaking mentor from a leading local company who can help and guide you in your journey from the very start.


Training and events

At least once a month we organize training courses and events aimed at giving you a deeper knowledge in a variety of fields relevant to your entrepreneurship. They are also a great opportunity for you to meet and connect with partners and investors from all over China.

Additionally, you should of course always feel welcome to come in for a chat with us or other international entrepreneurs at one of ScandiChina’s offices.

With our help, starting a business in China couldn’t be easier. Feel free to contact us!