Start-up and scaling in China

China is market-leading and therefore an attractive country for many companies. As a western company, starting in China is a big and difficult step. Fear and anxiety can occur in different areas. Given our many years of experience in China, our cooperation with the Chinese municipality, the support from investors and leading companies, we can offer you the following:


Start and scale up your company in China

No intermediaries and we have direct contact with the municipality and the tax authorities in China. You can have the company registered within a week and get company registration, accounting, visa, address registration and help to start a business account for a low price.

Office Space

Office space

We offer sex months of free office space in Hangzhou and Qingdao with full equipment (which no other company can offer) for you to feel what it’s like to start a business and work in China.



As a western company in China, you probably have many questions and concerns. We will offer you a free mentor from a leading company who can help and guide you right from the start. Of course, they also speak English.


Training and events

We organize training courses and events at least once a month so that you gain deeper knowledge in different areas and have the opportunity to make contacts with other entrepreneurs. Training courses may be with our partners in different parts of China.

At our locations there is always a good atmosphere between international entrepreneurs.

Drinking Coffee

We always offer free coffee and tea for our visitors and members.


With our help, starting a business couldn’t be easier. Contact us if you want to start your company through us.


Some video for start-up in China