of global ecommerce transactions take place in China (McKinsey, 2020)

Your China Opportunity

As the world’s fastest growing consumer market – and the only major global economy to grow the last year and will also be like this in coming years – The country has a burgeoning middle class of 400 million people who have strong spending power and a taste for quality international goods. 

Country with 1,4 billion population give opportunities. People get reacher and standard of living improved. Economic growth make Chinese people are willing to spend money that is more than more international brands is coming into China.

Do you have any interesting international product?

Why cooperate with us?

Many western companies are interested in getting into the Chinese market to sell their products and services, but it is not easy and the competition is fierce. It requires a good strategy, the right contacts and broad knowledge in different sales channels, and it is important to be visible to the right target groups. If you have all this, your company can become quite profitable in big China.

We have had broad knowledge and a wide contact network in the Chinese market since 2011. Our team and partners are from 京东 Jindong, 天猫 Tmall, 阿里巴巴 Alibaba, 小红书 Xiaohongshu,考拉 Kaola and 抖音 Douyin, among others, with good results in various brands of products and services. We also collaborate with celebrities for video sales such as through Taobao and Douyin. We are in close contact with leading shopping centers in many parts of China, and we already have many retailers and partners who sell our products in many cities across China.

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We are not expert in all kinds of product. We are specialize in fashion and baby products. If you have other categories not worry, we have partners and good contact that we will introduce them for you.


Healthy and baby products







China unicorn

How we will market and sell your products will depend on:

  • Product and brand type
  • Demand on the Chinese market
  • Your company’s business plan
  • Your agreement with us

If you have interesting products, we can either be your distributor, retailer or we can also be the company that will help you enter the Chinese market. We can also help you find local business partners.

Regardless of what our cooperation agreement will looks like in the end, we will provide you with advice and support for a successful entry into the Chinese market.

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Below is some of our partners and channels for marketing and sales


Taobao – Live steaming. Lijiaqi 李嘉琪 is one of the most famous influencers in China. Every evening he has more than 7 million viewers. He could easily sell 10,000 pcs of any product in a second.

XiaoHongShu 小红书. This platform allows users to present various products that they have tested and used in a live broadcast. Interested parties are able to discuss and make inquiries about the product. Most of the products presented on this platform are Western products.


Taobao 淘宝, TMALL 天猫 or Douyin 抖音. Celebrities or influencers with many followers. They present and sell various products through live broadcast. The girl above sold durian cakes. In this particular video she had more than 5,5 million viewers. (the number of viewers is displayed at the top left corner of the video.)


Sales in store. The Champion brand is one of our bestsellers in China. In our first store in Nanjing, we sold for 458,000 rmb in just two hours. During the last 3 years we have opened 116 Champion stores all over China. Today, it is sold both online and offline.


Online sales on WeChat with the help of retailers! Most of them are individuals with a wide network of contacts and are already selling various products. Utilizing their network, we can sell and market products all over China.



Monthly sales. Sales of Durian cookies – we sold 7,000 pcs in one month as shown in the picture above.



Checkout-system that will show the store’s sales on one of our platforms. In one day, we sold 7,337 products and had 473 products returned.