who we are

With his roots in both the Guangdong province of China and southern Sweden, Mr Sikau Tran wanted to combine the best of both worlds when he founded ScandiChina Connecting Center (SCC). More than a decade of doing business in China has given him, beside an extensive experience, a powerful network of contacts that include leading companies, organizations, and investors. Here at ScandiChina, we were at the forefront of welcoming Western entities as China gradually opened its market to the rest of the world. Our strategy used reliable contacts, a wide competence, and an extensive inventory of different services. This has continuously proven to be successful, and Mr Tran and his multicultural team at ScandiChina see no need to deviate from its high-class service as we take on the Sino-Scandinavian business challenges of the 2020’s.

our vision

ScandiChina Connecting Center provides consulting, advising, and connecting services alike for entrepreneurs and enterprises who aim to succeed on the lucrative yet challenging Chinese market. We bridge the gap between Scandinavia and China, with minimal risk, through strategic contacts and extensive business experience in both nations. This is the strategy that have made all our clients succeed in their ventures into China.

our team

SCC’s multicultural team brings the best of both continents together. We have a strong local presence in Hangzhou, but an extensive network of contacts in both Scandinavia and China. Vitally, our team has a profound knowledge on business culture on several markets alongside many years of cumulative experience of investment, analysis, business development, entrepreneurship, and R&D. That’s why we are very confident in our ability to meet any future challenges that may lie ahead.

Where the businesses of tomorrow meet

Your bridge to China and the Chinese market

Why Scandichina Connecting Center?

  • A close communication with leading Chinese companies.
  • A good relationship with Chinese authorities.
  • Connections with investors in a number of different fields.
  • A decade-long history of successful ventures both on- and offline.
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Contact us

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Why China?

Why China?

With its wide range of industries, growing market, and increasing spending power, China is a wise choice for anyone seeking expansion in business.

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