中 国 欢 迎 你


ScandiChina Connecting Center offers support to international enterprises and individuals in establishing themselves in China.


1. The market access tour

A 3-5 day tours to China aimed at helping start-ups and scale-ups gain essential knowledge of China through establishing connections with potential local partners, leading companies and investors.

The tour is given twice a year and has a limited number of seats. ScandiChina covers the expenses for program activities, travels, and hotel stays. The next trip will take place in May of 2022.


Sells and entry to the chinese market

2. Sell to China

Consisting of 1.4 billion people, the Chinese market offers an infinite number of opportunities. Chinese consumers consistently break sales records both online and offline.

Four reasons to sell your products in China:

  • The Chinese middle class is becoming increasingly wealthy, and demand for quality products is on the rise.
  • Among Chinese consumers, western brands are much sought-after.
  • An ever-developing country, Chinese platforms and technologies offer unique opportunities for sales both online and offline to vast amounts of people.
  • With no signs of stopping, discretionary purchase are on the rise.

Do you want to establish yourself in China? We are here to help.


3. Starting and scaling up

China’s laws and regulations are much different from those in western countries. We know from experience that it takes a lot of energy and consideration for a start- or scale-up to navigate the Chinese system. With our support, establishment in China is easier, cheaper and smoother.

We offer a business visa and a free office space for six months. This gives you time to consider whether China is or isn’t the next step for your company, and minimizes the risks associated with entry on the Chinese market.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help!


Why ScandiChina Connecting Center?

We have:

  • A close communication with leading Chinese companies.
  • A good relationship with Chinese authorities.
  • Connections with investors in a number of different fields.
  • A decade-long history of successful ventures both on- and offline.